1. General

The following are the terms and conditions that regulate access to and use of the contents of the website www.tecnoescape.es which, together with the Conditions of Sale, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, constitute the "Terms and Conditions "

The Terms and Conditions are of a general nature and regulate the content and use of the Web as a whole. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any service or specific content of the Web may require for its access and use the acceptance of certain terms and particulars by the User.

2. Identification of the owner of the web space

The website www.tecnoescape.es belongs to and is owned by  TECNOESCAPE  BIKE, SL 

  • Registered office: Avenida San Juan Bosco - Nº14, 30200 - Cartagena (Murcia).
  • Phone: 968514022
  • Email: contacto@tecnoescape.es
  • CIF: B30885834

3. User: acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Website

It will be understood as a user, any person who accesses, navigates or uses the contents and / or services that can be found on the Web at any time. In the future, the user of this Website will be referred to as "User" or "Users". The User who also acquires any product and / or contracts any service offered through the Web will be called "Client".

The set of products and services that are offered on the Web and that can be purchased by the User will be called "Products".

The access and use of the Web, and where appropriate the acquisition of any Product offered therein, by a User and / or Client, implies acceptance by the same of all the Terms and Conditions without any condition or reservation.

The contents and services offered by TECNOESCAPE are of a changing nature and, therefore,  TECNOESCAPE  reserves the right to modify the present Terms and Conditions without prior notice in order to adjust them to its new content and adapt them to the legislation in force at all times. Likewise,  TECNOESCAPE reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained in the Web, as well as the Products offered in it and the configuration and / or presentation of its contents, at any time, without prior notice, and without take responsibility for it. Consequently, the User recognizes and accepts the obligation to review and comply with the Terms and Conditions that are in force at all times.

In any case, it is presumed that the access and use of the Web and, therefore, the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions including the Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions of a particular nature that may include sections or specific services of the Web, including those that refer to the Products, will be made by persons over 18 years of age or, in the case of minors, under guardianship who act under the proper supervision of their guardian or legal guardian.

4. Access to the Web and the contents reserved to Registered Users

Access to the Web is free and free. It is not necessary to register to access its contents. However, it may be necessary that the User must register to be able to make comments in the sections specially dedicated to such purpose, as well as for the acquisition of the Products offered by the same. Likewise, it may also be necessary for the User to provide personal data when he freely wishes to use any of the services offered that require it.

All the data that the User provides in any of the sections that are within the Web will be subject to the Privacy Policy of  TECNOESCAPE .

In any case, when the User chooses to register in any of the sections or services offered on the Web, he / she agrees to indicate the required information, which must be true and lawful.

In the event that  TECNOESCAPE  provides the User with a password, whether or not chosen by the User, the latter is committed and responsible for making exclusive use and keeping it secret, with due diligence to guard it and prevent it from being known by third parties. that they may supplant their identity, exempting  TECNOESCAPE  from any illegitimate use thereof as a consequence of breach of this duty.

In the event that the User detects that an unauthorized use of his / her password has been made or has knowledge of his / her loss, he / she commits to immediately notify  TECNOESCAPE of  the corresponding incident through, where appropriate, the links specially designed for these purposes. on the Web and / or at the email address contacto@tecnoescape.es.

In no case  TECNOESCAPE  will be responsible for the use of the password by unauthorized third parties, nor for the loss of it by the User.

5. User Registration

The User has the option to register on the Web following the procedure described below. First, to create a new account or to access an existing account, the User must select the "START SESSION" button or link.

In the event of already having an account, the User must enter their corresponding email and password to access it in the section "START SESSION WITH YOUR ACCOUNT". Otherwise, the User who wishes to create it must select the option "CREATE ACCOUNT".

When selecting the option to create an account, the User must fill in a form by entering the required information (name, surname, email and password). Likewise, the User may authorize  TECNOESCAPE  to send commercial information about it, leaving the option "Subscribe to our newsletter" marked. Otherwise, you must uncheck this option. Finally, to complete the creation of the account, the User must select the option "SAVE".

Once this process is completed, the User will be registered on the Web and will have his own account.

The Registered User may access at any time a control panel from which they can manage their account and review and, where appropriate, update the information previously provided, accessing the following sections: (i) Data and addresses, (ii) change password, (iii) orders in progress, (iv) order history, (v) pending orders, (vi) returns, (vii) my subscriptions and, (viii) close assignment.

6. Use of the Web, its contents and services

The User of the Web is committed to make use of it, and its contents and services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and, where appropriate, the particular conditions that are applicable, as well as to respect and comply at all times the Law and any other legal provision or regulation in force and applicable at all times.

It is forbidden the use and access to the Web through any application, computer program or similar system that may malfunction or obstruct its normal operation, including the alteration, elimination or blocking of the contents or services offered, or any other mechanism that may affect them, especially those that may involve the deprivation of access and use of the Web, or any part of it, to third parties.

It is also prohibited to access the Web through programs or other computer mechanisms that, voluntarily or involuntarily, may result in an overload of the resources used by  TECNOESCAPE  to keep the Web accessible to the public and / or allow unauthorized access to sections of the Web not accessible to the general public or the computer system where it is hosted, and / or that can introduce viruses or other malicious programs or scripts that cause errors in the mentioned computer system or in the operation of the Web itself.

In any case, the User undertakes to make appropriate use of the contents and services of the Website, especially in relation to any section where their participation is allowed, in which the principles of good faith and respect for the other Users,  TECNOESCAPE  and any other third party. TECNOESCAPE  declines any responsibility that may arise from the exchange of information between Users through the Web. Likewise,  TECNOESCAPE is  not responsible for the access and use that minors may make of the content and services offered on the Web.,

In any case,  TECNOESCAPE  reserves the right, in its sole discretion and in any circumstance, to cancel, eliminate or prohibit the use of any or all of the Web services to any User, when the User has made an incorrect or improper use of the Web, contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or, as the case may be, in the particular conditions of each service, the Law that is applicable at all times.

Product Information: The descriptions of the different Products are made based on the information and documentation provided by the respective manufacturers and / or distributors.

However, the photographs, descriptions, ratings and other content found on the Website are included for the purpose of illustrating and offering more information to Users, without this representing, in any case, a particular TECNOESCAPE recommendation   or that The Product contracted is exactly the one identified in the images, and therefore, the Products represented may present a difference and / or the represented use may not be the most appropriate for the claims of the User and / or Client.

All the Products of the Web are marketed in and from Spain, regardless of the place of delivery, nationality and billing address of the buyer. In this sense, all the Products marketed comply with the regulations of application in force in the country of commercialization, including the corresponding approvals required in Europe, as indicated in the certifications identified in each of the Products.

It is the sole responsibility of the Buying User of any Product on the Web to verify that (i) the Product is suitable for the use that the User wants to use it for, and (ii) the Product complies with all the regulatory requirements that are required for its use in the place intended by the User.

Consequently, the User agrees to be solely responsible for the use made of the Product purchased other than that recommended by the manufacturer and the regulations that may be applicable in its territory.

In any case,  TECNOESCAPE  informs that the proposal or recommendation of the use of a Product marketed on the Web for the practice of any activity, is only for illustrative and informative purposes, and may exist certain reservations and incompatibilities when these are used outside the territory of Spain, for which in no case  TECNOESCAPE  guarantees the suitability or adequacy of the Product to the practice of a certain activity other than that expressly provided for and never when it is carried out outside Spanish territory.

7. Intellectual and Industrial Property

TECNOESCAPE " is a registered trademark in Europe. As a result, it is expressly forbidden to use the same or any similar sign that may lead to confusion regarding ownership or origin refers, by third parties, without the prior written authorization of  TECNOESCAPE . Likewise, the web page www.tecnoescape.es is a registered domain owned by  TECNOESCAPE , and it should not be used in a similar way or with other extensions unless prior authorization, expressly and in writing, from  TECNOESCAPE , when its objective is to offer products or services similar to the Products sold by  TECNOESCAPE in order to avoid, among others, the risk of causing confusion among consumers and users in relation to the origin of the products and / or services consumed and / or acquired.

All intellectual and industrial property rights of the contents of the Website ("Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights"), including images and videos, texts, designs, applications, programs, code, web structure, etc., are owned exclusive of  TECNOESCAPE  or this one is duly authorized by its legitimate holder to make use of them.

It expressly prohibits the total or partial reproduction of the Web, or its contents, without the prior, express and written authorization of  TECNOESCAPE . Likewise, copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization, or any other action that entails or may involve an infringement of current Spanish and / or international regulations regarding intellectual and / or industrial property rights is prohibited.

It is expressly forbidden, therefore, any reproduction, distribution or public communication or total or partial transformation of any content found on the Website without the prior and express written authorization of  TECNOESCAPE . Notwithstanding the foregoing, several contents or services of the Web may specify terms and conditions of use that are more or less restrictive, the latter prevailing over the Terms and Conditions, in relation to the content and / or services affected by them.

TECNOESCAPE  only authorizes the referencing of the contents that appear on the Web in other web pages or communications, provided that said webs or communications maintain the principle of good faith and respect and comply fully with the current legislation and the rest of the Terms and Conditions, especially in regarding the prohibition of reproduction of the contents shown on the Website, for purposes other than those allowed in these Terms and Conditions, without the express and prior written authorization of  TECNOESCAPE .

8. Links to websites or third-party content

TECNOESCAPE  informs the User that the Website may include content and / or links to third-party websites.

TECNOESCAPE is  not responsible for the contents, services, scripts, functionalities and other technical conditions that the User may find outside the Web that may be accessible through links that are within it. These links are purely informative for the User and he is free to follow it at his sole discretion. In no case may TECNOESCAPE be deemed to  have  an approval, opinion or any other statement in relation to the contents, products, services, etc. that can be found in the destination of the aforementioned links outside the web space. Likewise, and even though  TECNOESCAPE establish some content control system introduced directly by the Users in the spaces destined to expose valuations of the Products, this one does not identify nor makes responsible on the content and form of the same, limiting itself to make its best efforts to avoid that said contents do not violate these Terms and Conditions, which in their case particularly apply, as well as any other rule of application, including morality and public order.

9. Limited Liability and Guarantees

TECNOESCAPE  is committed to devoting its best efforts to maintain the operation of the Web in optimal conditions of use, as well as to avoid server errors, programming and content and services offered on the Web. However,  TECNOESCAPE  does not assume any responsibility regarding eventual errors, failures or technical problems that may arise or appear and, therefore, does not guarantee the full functionality, nor the contents and / or services offered by the Web.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, TECNOESCAPE  guarantees that the Website will not voluntarily incorporate malware, viruses or other scripts or programs of a malicious nature and undertakes to inform, through the Privacy Policy, of all application use and other programs, scripts, etc. , that collect data from the User that may be subsequently processed.

TECNOESCAPE  informs the User that several of the contents and / or services offered on the Website may be provided by third parties and that, therefore, to access them or make use of them, the User must also accept their terms and conditions (of the third parties). In any case, the User relieves TECNOESCAPE of all responsibility   regarding all matters related to contents and / or services of third parties that are expressly identified as such (example: Criteo, validation by Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

TECNOESCAPE  can mention, send and show manifestations, publications and other information or graphic or audiovisual materials of third parties, whose veracity, rigor, opinion and quality is not responsible.

In any case,  TECNOESCAPE is  not responsible for any damages that may be caused by the discontinuity of the services, contents and functionality of the Web, nor any other anomaly that the Web presents, including viruses, malware, scripts and programs. malicious acts resulting from the unauthorized interference of third parties or authorized third parties that are the victim of interference from other third parties.

In relation to the Clients, they agree to treat  TECNOESCAPE  as a mere marketer of the Products, with the exception of those products and / or services whose description is expressly identified as manufacturer or provider thereof. Consequently, the Client undertakes to address directly against the manufacturer or service provider for all matters that exceed the obligations assumed by  TECNOESCAPE  in these Terms and Conditions, as well as those provided by the applicable regulations.

10. Access security

Access to payment pages through POS services, Paypal or any other offered on the Web, will be done through a secure managed line and responsibility of the payment service providers chosen by the User / Client.

11. Privacy Policy

TECNOESCAPE's privacy  policy  ("Privacy Policy") complies with all the requirements established in the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data, which are currently included in Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data, ("LOPD") and Royal Decree 1720, of December 21, which approves the Regulations for the development of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Personal data protection.

The acceptance of the Terms and Conditions includes the acceptance of TECNOESCAPE's Privacy  Policy , of which it is a member. 

12. Miscellaneous

The Terms and Conditions contain all the terms and conditions between the User and  TECNOESCAPE  in relation to the contractual object.

The User will always have the Terms and Conditions in a visible and easily accessible place within the Web. It is the responsibility of the User to carefully read the current Terms and Conditions at all times, as a previous and essential step for their use and / or the acquisition of Products through the Web.

In the event that any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions were declared invalid or unenforceable, the invalidity or unenforceability of said provision shall not affect the other provisions, which shall retain all their force and vigor. Those invalid or unenforceable provisions will be replaced by valid and enforceable provisions that allow the objectives of the invalid or unenforceable provisions to be reached in the best possible way.

The lack or delay in the exercise of a right or power conferred by the Terms and Conditions shall never imply a waiver of that right or faculty by its owner, nor shall it imply a modification of the Terms and Conditions, even if said lack or delay in the exercise of the right or faculty occur on one or more occasions. In any case, a waiver of a right or faculty or modification of the Terms and Conditions will only take effect when it has been made through a written document signed by the renouncing Party or by a person with sufficient capacity to act on their behalf.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any question regarding the interpretation, compliance and / or validity of the Terms and Conditions and / or the particular conditions applicable in each case, that may arise between the User and  TECNOESCAPE will  be analyzed in accordance with the same Terms and Conditions and particular conditions in first place, and secondly, in accordance with Spanish regulations, which are applicable at all times.

In the event of a conflict between the User and  TECNOESCAPE  that results and / or is linked and / or related to the Terms and Conditions, the parties expressly agree to submit themselves to the competent Courts and Tribunals of the city corresponding to the consumer's address.


1. Scope of application

The following are the terms and conditions that regulate the purchase of the Products offered by TECNOESCAPE to Users through the Website ("Conditions of Sale").

The Conditions of Sale are part of the Terms and Conditions of the Website.

The User who also acquires any Product through the Web will be called "Client". Through the simple acquisition of any Product, the Customer is accepting the Conditions of Sale.

2. Product Prices and shipping costs

The final prices of the Products as indicated on the Website ("Prices") may differ depending on the country of destination selected by the Customer. Unless transcription error, the prices are those that are indicated for each Product.

Unless expressly indicated otherwise, the Prices indicated on the Website include the value added tax (VAT) and / or any other taxes that may apply, in those territories belonging to the European Union. For those countries not belonging to the European Union, as well as for the territories of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, the indicated prices do not include VAT or the corresponding tax. However, the Prices indicated on the Website do not include, in any case, the shipping costs that, if applicable, may be derived from the shipping method selected for the receipt of the Product.

The amount of shipping costs varies depending on the type of Product purchased, the total amount of the Products purchased, as well as the place of delivery thereof, which is why the Customer will be responsible for verifying, in each case, the total amount to which the aforementioned shipping costs amount, prior to the formalization of the purchase of the Products.

TECNOESCAPE  reserves the right to revise and / or modify the Prices at any time. The Customer will acquire the Products at the Prices that appear on the Web at the time of the formalization of the purchase.

Except for transcription error the prices will not be modified once the purchase by  TECNOESCAPE has been confirmed .

3. Purchase process of the Products and formalization of the purchase

The acquisition of any Product by the Client will be carried out in accordance with the procedure described below.

  1. Step 1: Selection of Products

    The Customer who wishes to make a purchase must first navigate to find and select the chosen Product (s), selecting the option "Add to cart" and then select the number of units that you wish to purchase that will be incorporated into the shopping cart, where all the Products that the Customer intends to acquire ("Cart") will accumulate.

    After the selection of the Product / s, the Customer may repeat this action and choose more Product / be incorporated into the Cart.

    Once the selection of all the Products you wish to purchase has been completed, the Customer must click on the Identification icon of the Cart "to continue with the purchase process.

  2. Step 2: Formalization of the purchase of the Products

    Once the Identification icon of the Cart has been selected, the Customer will be shown a summary of the order with all the previously selected Products. This summary will allow you to eliminate the chosen Products and / or vary the number of units selected for each of them.

    Below the summary of the selected Products, the value of the total amount of the purchase will appear, broken down into the following items: (i) Price of the Products and, if applicable, (ii) the corresponding taxes and, (iii) expenses of shipping that are applicable.

    In case of having a promotional code, the Customer must enter it in the corresponding section, located after the total amount of the purchase of the Products.

    Next, the Client must select the option of (i) formalizing the purchase by accessing his account, if he has one, in which case the data he entered at the time of creating said account will be used, or (ii) formalizing the purchase as a "guest", that is, as a person who does not have an account. In this second case, the Customer must fill in the form "SHIPPING ADDRESS" with the required information, indicating in this section the address in which he wishes to receive the Products purchased. In the event that the Customer wishes to receive the order at a different address than the billing address, you must uncheck the "Use shipping address" button and fill in this form the "BILLING ADDRESS" form that will appear on the screen,

    In the section "SHIPPING METHOD" the Customer may select the type of shipment that he wishes to contract for the reception of the Products. Shipping costs differ depending on the shipping method selected. In any case, the total amount to which the shipping costs for each of the methods available will be indicated, so that the Client has knowledge of them prior to the selection of the shipping method.

    Likewise, the Client will have a space called "OBSERVACIONES" in which he / she can indicate all those comments related to the delivery of the Products or location of the place of delivery that he / she considers appropriate, that as far as possible  TECNOESCAPE will  try to respect.

    On the other hand, the Client who has formalized the purchase as a guest for not having an account, will have the option of creating it during the purchase procedure with the data provided during said procedure, accessing the section "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" and entering and confirming a password chosen by him.

    Having completed all the forms and provided the information indicated above, a final summary ("REVIEW OF THE ORDER") will be shown indicating the total amount that the Client must pay to acquire the Products, broken down into: (i) total amount of the Products, without VAT and / or the corresponding tax, (ii) amount of VAT and / or tax resulting from application, if applicable, and (iii) amount of shipping costs.

    Likewise, in compliance with the existing regulations regarding the protection of personal data, the Client may authorize  TECNOESCAPE  to send news, commercial offers and / or promotions relative to it, keeping the option "I want to receive News, Offers and TECNOESCAPE Promotions  "or, where appropriate, not to authorize  TECNOESCAPE  to such shipments, in this case deselecting the previously indicated option.

    Finally, to complete the purchase process, the Customer must select the payment method that he wishes to use, in the section "DETAILS OF PAYMENT" choosing between: (i) payment by credit card, (ii) payment by bank transfer, ( iii) financed payment or (iv) payment through Paypal system.

    Once the payment method has been selected, the Client must click on the "MAKE ORDER" tab, which will redirect him to the web page of the corresponding banking entity or, where appropriate, to the TECNOESCAPE page   that contains the banking information, in function of the previously selected payment method. The payment system is entirely managed by your payment entity. For any incident that is in this point, please, go to your payment entity to solve it.

    After the purchase process,  TECNOESCAPE will  send an email to the Customer confirming the order, indicating the number of the order placed as well as the details of the different constituent elements of the order (Products, Prices, Taxes and Shipping Costs). The sale of the Products will be understood perfected only from the reception, by the Customer, of the aforementioned e-mail confirmation of the order. The Client who considers to be exempt or not subject to VAT taxation for meeting the requirements legally required by Law 37/1992, of December 28, of the Value Added Tax, should contact  TECNOESCAPE  at the email address electronic contact@tecnoescape.es.

4. Order tracking

The Customer can check the status of the order shipment made in the section "ORDER FOLLOWING", and entering the corresponding order number and the email address used at the time of purchase.

In case the Client would like to modify any of the details of the order after the purchase process, he should contact the Customer Service of  TECNOESCAPE . The Client is informed that the modifications made after receipt of the order confirmation will be registered in the TECNOESCAPE system  , but will not be reflected in the Customer's order history.

Any change made to the delivery address subsequent to the issuance of the order may entail an increase over the cost of the shipment.

5. Delivery of Products

Within the purchase procedure of the Products, the Customer will be informed of the delivery deadline.

In case of stock problems in relation to the Products purchased by the Customer or there would be any incident in the issuance of the order,  TECNOESCAPE will  refund the corresponding amount within a maximum period of 15 days, without the Customer being able to claim another amount for any other concept including damages.

The Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer or, where appropriate, in the store selected by him, within the period of time indicated during the purchase process and / or in the confirmation email sent by  TECNOESCAPE .

The delivery times of the Products vary depending on the type and characteristics of the Products, the type of shipping method selected as well as the place of receipt of the Products. At the time of selecting a Product on the Web, the expected delivery time of the Product will be indicated. For this purpose, the Client is informed that the delivery and / or exit times of the warehouse are merely indicative, and in this sense, any delay in relation to the periods indicated will not entitle the Customer to demand any type of compensation from  TECNOESCAPE .

TECNOESCAPE  may inform the Customer, by sending an email to the address provided during the purchase process, the date of departure of the warehouses of the corresponding order as well as the contact information of the carrier company responsible for the delivery of the order. The Customer may also know the updated information on the status of the order by consulting the section "Tracking the order".

The Client has an Express Delivery system, for those cases in which he wishes to receive the order in a period below the standard. However, this system is available only for certain territories. For those territories in which said system is not available, the Customer will not have the possibility to select Express Delivery during the purchase process. In the event that there is an issue with the stock or unavailability of the Products,  TECNOESCAPE  will immediately inform the Customer of this fact indicating a new delivery deadline or, if it is not possible to deliver the order, will proceed to cancel and return the order. amount of the order, without the Client having the right to claim or compensation for this concept.

The delivery will be considered made from the moment in which the Products have been made available to the Customer at the address indicated by him or, where appropriate, at the TECNOESCAPE store   selected by the Customer as place of delivery.

The delivery address of the orders will be indicated by the Customer during the purchase process. In case that the address provided by the Client is erroneous, incorrect, incomplete or does not exist,  TECNOESCAPE is  not responsible for the damages caused or derived from the delivery.

In the event that the order could not be delivered because there is no one at the delivery address indicated by the customer, he must contact the corresponding carrier who will indicate the conditions for a new delivery of the product. In these cases, the Customer may acquire the Products during the period of time and in accordance with the conditions established by the transportation company that corresponds in each case.

In the event that the Customer selects the delivery option of the order in a TECNOESCAPE store  , the latter will send an email to the Customer, communicating the date in which the order will be available in that establishment. The Product will be available to the Customer in the store in question for a period of 30 calendar days from the date indicated in the email. Once this period has elapsed without the Customer having proceeded to pick up the order,  TECNOESCAPE will  proceed to automatically return it to its stores and the Customer shall be responsible for the shipping costs and return of the order, as well as any other expense that may be incurred. derive from this fact.

For the delivery of the Products, whether in store or at the address indicated by the Customer, the recipient must show an identification document to the carrier or TECNOESCAPE representative   in their establishment, verify the status of the Products, as well as write down the delivery note for all the observations that you consider pertinent about the Products received. When the Customer opens the order to observe that one or more of the Products are damaged due to transportation, are erroneous or lack a Product, must communicate this fact in writing to  TECNOESCAPE  within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the delivery of the order.

6. Return

Unless any of the exceptions legally provided for in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16 (or current regulation that replaces it), the Client may exercise, within a period of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the Products or , where appropriate, from the conclusion of a contract if it is a provision of services, its right of withdrawal ("Right of Withdrawal"), in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The Right of Withdrawal consists of the faculty of the consumer and user to annul  the executed contract, thus notifying  TECNOESCAPE within the period established for the exercise of that right, without the need to justify its decision and without penalty of any kind.

In this sense, the Client must inform  TECNOESCAPE  of the exercise of the Right of Withdrawal, sending a letter to the email address contacto@tecnoescape.es.

As a consequence of the exercise of the Right of Withdrawal by the Client, the latter must return  the acquired Products to  TECNOESCAPE and the latter must pay the Client the amount corresponding to the Products acquired. However, the Customer will be responsible for maintaining in perfect condition the packaging elements of each Product that he intends to return, at his own expense any costs that TECNOESCAPE must assume   for its deterioration.

7. Methods of payment

For greater ease and comfort of the Client,  TECNOESCAPE  offers the possibility of acquiring the Products through different payment methods. The Client must select the payment method of his preference during the purchase process.

The payment methods available may vary depending on the territories from which the Customer makes the purchase of the Products. In this sense, during the purchase process, only the payment methods that are available in the territory indicated by the Customer will be shown to the Customer.

The different types of payment that, in this case, may be selected by the Client are detailed below.


The Client that selects this payment method during the purchase process will be directly redirected to the web page of the bank with which TECNOESCAPEcollaborates  The data relating to the Customer's credit card entered in the website of the bank are sent directly to said entity through a secure protocol (HTTPS), without  TECNOESCAPE  having stored or treating said data.

The amount of the Products purchased by the Customer will be charged to the credit card that the customer had indicated at the moment in which he selects the option "Pay" on the website of the corresponding bank.

For security reasons,  TECNOESCAPE  reserves the right to refuse and / or cancel any purchase transaction whose payment was made through the credit card system. In this case,  TECNOESCAPE will  communicate this fact to the Customer and will refund the total amount of the purchase on the credit card used by the Customer in the purchase process, within a maximum period of 15 days from the moment the Customer I make the payment. Likewise,  TECNOESCAPE  may indicate to the Customer an alternative payment system by means of which the latter (Customer) can acquire the Products.


In case of selecting this payment method during the purchase process, the Client will be shown, directly on the Web, the data of the different bank accounts (and the corresponding entities) in which the Client can make the transfer, these being the following, depending on the territory from which the Client makes the transfer:

Banco Santander
IBAN: - 

The Customer will receive an email with the details of the order. For the validity of the bank transfer, the Client must indicate as the concept of the transfer the order number, as well as his name and surname.

In order to expedite and secure transfers made from abroad, the Client must provide the issuer with the BIC and IBAN codes.


TECNOESCAPE has not activated the cash on delivery payment.


The Customer who selects this payment method will be redirected directly to the PayPal web page, in which he must fill out a form with the information required to be able to pay for the purchase of the Products. All information entered by the Client on the PayPal website is directly provided to said credit institution, without being subject to treatment in any case by  TECNOESCAPE .

The validation and / or acceptance of the payment of the order is made in the computer system and encrypted PayPal. In the case of Paypal ShortCurt, the last click is made in the TECNOESCAPE  environment  but always by means of PayPal encryption.


The Customer who selects this payment method will be redirected directly to the Paga website later, in which he / she must fill in the corresponding form with the information required by the company. Pay later to be able to pay for the purchase of the products. All information entered by the customer on the Pay Later website is directly provided to said credit institution, without being subject to treatment in any case by TECNOESCAPE.

The validation and / or acceptance of payment of the order is made in the computer system and encrypted of Pay later.

8. Shipping methods and shipping costs

The shipping costs will vary depending on the shipping method, the place of destination selected by the Customer for the receipt of the Products, as well as the type, weight and other characteristics of the Products.

The shipping costs that the Customer must pay shall be those indicated on the Website for each selected Product or, in the case of making a purchase of several Products, those indicated at the end of the purchase process.

However, the orders that are collected in any of the TECNOESCAPE stores  will  not entail shipping costs for the Customer.

The taxes applicable to the shipping costs will be the same as those applicable, in accordance with the corresponding regulations in force, to the main transaction of sale.

The Customer may choose between different shipping methods (Standard Shipping, Express shipping, pick-up shipping, store collection), whose availability will vary depending on the place of receipt of the Product selected by the Customer.

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